img_9003_med_med_hrSince the Seed’s beginning in 1977, we have held a strong commitment to ensuring that our students maintain a healthy relationship with food.  We’ve made recommendations for nutrition, established a wholesome foods policy, included gardening in the program, and made sure that our students have had plenty of positive experiences using their sense of taste.  Our curriculum over the years has incorporated content that promoted healthy living.

During a staff meeting in which we reflected on our practices with food, we came to the realization that we must do more.  The present deterioration of children’s health in general is alarming.  The rise in obesity and  diabetes alone is of huge concern.  We want our students to grow up with healthy bodies and minds.  We believe that what we do with food at school can influence the course of their lives and the choices they will make regarding their future well-being.  This will take a team effort and we hope that you will embrace our plan.  Many of you are already practicing what we are proposing and we’re grateful for that.

This website is the product of our reflective process about food at the Seed. It is a work in progress, and we welcome your input.  Thanks for caring about your child’s relationship with food.