healthy choices

written by Emily Murphy, Seed PreK teacher (2013) Growing up in Wisconsin gave me a different definition of healthy food than most of our population gets today. A minimum of three glasses of cow’s milk a day were required for our survival. It was important to be a little overweight, . . . Read More

food and the web of biodiversity

written by Michelle Stewart, a Seed parent who is a faculty member at Mesa Community College, teaching geography and environmental studies, and also a yoga teacher at Desert Song Healing Arts Center (2013) Eating can connect us to the wild variety of our unique planet. At dinner a few weeks . . . Read More

beautiful food

written by Mary Glover, Director of Awakening Seed School  (2013) In late July, my husband Bill and I escaped the desert heat and spent nine days in the San Juan Islands.  The islands are tucked between Victoria Island (Canada) and the northernmost part of the Washington state coast.  There are . . . Read More